H. Ronald Chan

Ronald Chan, JD

H. Ronald Chan, JD

H. Ronald Chan is of counsel to the Montano Law Firm PLLC, and is an attorney and counselor at law with more than 25 years of business experience in operations, sales management, quality control, regulatory affairs, and legal counseling. Mr. Chan has a U.S. and international track record of facilitating international trade in multinational corporate environments. He has successfully negotiated multi-million-dollar logistics contracts for achieving cost-saving targets.

Mr. Chan currently works with executives, managers, and business owners to handle legal and business issues relating to international logistics and operations by determining and evaluating business risks, and devising suitable measures to address them. Mr. Chan has enabled and contributed to the success of numerous projects and assignments that crossed organizational and geographical boundaries involving people from all walks of life and different cultures.

In 2012, Mr. Chan was invited to join the administration team for a China-based start-up business to build a distribution company in the U.S. to supply oil well drilling materials to hydraulic fracturing operations for the production of shale oil. Charged with the responsibility for company administration, Mr. Chan was required to take the lead in such finance projects as warehouse property procurement and negotiating business financing arrangements with banks and other financial institutions. He handled regulatory affairs to keep the company at peace with various government authorities. Also, Mr. Chan was actively involved in managing external relationships for the company to negotiate business contracts with customers and vendors and conduct due diligence reviews against new overseas agents to verify distributorships. He served full time in that management and legal counsel capacity for about three years until January 2015.

Mr. Chan’s current practice areas of focus include:

  • International business consultancy in the areas of transportation contract and third-party logistics service contract management, import and export trade and customs compliance, and international business liability management.
  • Legal and business consultancy for Chinese corporations setting up business operations and distribution network in the United States.
  • Legal support for foreign investors regarding U.S. immigration laws.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Chan has held management positions in AT&T (Hong Kong) Ltd., Academy Ltd., The Adherence Group, Inc., Yang Ming (America) Inc. and others. Mr. Chan is a Juris Doctor graduate of the University of Houston Law Center with a LLB degree from University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. He is currently a member of the State Bar of Texas and is admitted to practice in the State of Texas.

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