Employment Law

The Montano Law Firm PLLC represents businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals in employment-related issues.  As a business or organization grows, the proper management and development of its human resources becomes a crucial part of its growth.  The failure to address or identify employment problems early could become very costly to an employer and hurt the employer’s ability to accomplish business and other goals.  Accordingly, employers of all sizes could benefit from having legal counsel available for employment issues.

–Free Initial Review of Employment Policies

For businesses or organizations, the Montano Law Firm PLLC provides you with a free initial review of your employment policies to identify at-risk litigation areas. Anton Montano, principal attorney, has helped advise and represent Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and small business employers on employment law issues. Simple and consistent employment practices can help a business avoid litigation and focus on growing revenue, and good employment practices can even help non-profit organizations focus on accomplishing their charitable objectives.

–Review and Drafting of Employment and Service Contracts

Need an employment attorney to review or draft an employment or service contract? The Montano Law Firm PLLC works with both businesses and individuals to review and draft effective employment contracts and independent contractor agreements. Businesses should consider what key contract provisions could help their businesses grow or protect their business assets. Individuals, whether as employees or independent contractors, should understand the key terms of their work contracts and how those terms could impact their lives before signing the contracts.

–Employment Law Training

The Montano Law Firm, PLLC, provides comprehensive live employment law training to employers and their employees. Such training includes anti-retaliation and anti-sexual harassment training.  An effective training session can help reinforce an employer’s code of ethics for its employees.

–Handling EEO complaints

Has your business received notice of a charge of discrimination or retaliation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Texas Workforce Commission? Although it may appear that there is no basis for the discrimination or retaliation charge, it may be a mistake to handle such matters without consulting an attorney with employment law experience. A charge of discrimination or retaliation is a possible precursor to litigation. Therefore, businesses must carefully respond to such allegations. The Montano Law Firm PLLC has the experience to effectively investigate and respond to EEO charges in a cost efficient manner, through either a flat fee or reduced hourly rate.  Mr. Montano, principal attorney, has represented Fortune 500 corporations and other businesses before the EEOC and other agencies.  Businesses must carefully respond to EEO charges and assess the threat of litigation stemming from the discrimination or retaliation allegations. By consulting with an experienced attorney to respond to an EEO charge, businesses can free their human resource specialists to focus on their regular operations and can get an attorney-client privileged evaluation of the facts. Moreover, the Montano Law Firm PLLC is committed to providing superior service to its clients. We focus on learning your business, improving communication with our clients, and working with clients to create a realistic strategy for effectively dealing with threatened litigation.

–FLSA, Wage-and-hour issues, Title VII, ADEA, ADA, Texas Payday Law, Non-Competition Agreements, etc.

Are you being threatened with an employment-related lawsuit or a government workplace investigation?  The Montano Law Firm PLLC can assist employers with problems arising from alleged violations of state or federal employment laws.  Although it is best to minimize the risks of litigation, sometimes conflicts arise between employers and employees despite all reasonable efforts.  In those situations, employers of all sizes benefit from having experienced legal counsel who can help employers to resolve legal matters.