Business Law

The Montano Law Firm PLLC counsels business owners on legal issues to help their businesses grow. Our goal is to be your ideal legal partner for you and your business.

We encourage communication with our clients because we want to know as much about you and your business as we can in order to better serve your best interests. We do not nickel and dime our clients for fees and services that most businesses absorb as a cost of business. Moreover, for many discreet services, we can offer flat legal service fees that will give you and your business control over your legal budget.  Finally, for clients who can benefit from regular legal advice and counsel, we can offer general counsel services to our clients under an affordable plan.

–Business entity formation, free initial consultation

Ready to start a business? The Montano Law Firm PLLC provides a free initial consultation to discuss your business plans. A business should carefully consider whether forming a specific type of business entity, like a corporation or a limited liability company, could help grow the business and reduce personal liabilities. However, sometimes businesses may be better off remaining sole proprietorships or partnerships.  Each business is unique and has its own particular needs that an attorney must understand in order to provide proper legal counsel.  Thus, the Montano Law Firm PLLC works to understand the unique businesses of our clients, and, if necessary, the Firm can assist with business entity formations and can help draft company agreements to govern how a business is run and how the owners’ interests are protected.

–Review and drafting of business contracts

Need a business contract for a transaction drafted or reviewed? The Montano Law Firm PLLC helps business owners with the drafting and review of business contracts to accomplish their unique business goals while minimizing business risks.  For instance, the Firm has helped businesses form sales agreements, arrange for the sale and transfer of business interests, and develop independent contractor or vendor agreements.

–Review and drafting of consulting agreements

Need a consulting contract drafted or reviewed? The Montano Law Firm PLLC helps business owners, including individual consultants and independent contractors, with the drafting and review of their consulting contracts to accomplish their business goals while minimizing business risks.  Part of our review process will involve learning about the particular issues unique to the client’s area of business.

–International Business, Import & Export Businesses

Doing business internationally?  Does your business deal with the import or export of goods?  The Montano Law Firm PLLC can assist you with legal issues related to your import and export business.  H. Ronald Chan, of counsel with the Firm, has unique experience in both law and international logistics to serve your needs and accomplish your business goals.

–Trademark and Copyright Protection

Need a business logo registered as a trademark?  Need to reserve copyright rights in a contract?  Trademarks and copyrights are important assets for businesses, whether you are an independent filmmaker or a medical clinic.  The Montano Law Firm PLLC can help you obtain federal and international trademark registrations, and can help you with copyright issues affecting your business.